Guild class sages (experts needed)

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Guild class sages (experts needed)

Postby Torage » Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:18 pm

I want to get a list of class and spec experts that are willing to answer questions about their class whenever possible. This is not an event and there is no time that you need to be on or really anything different you need to be doing. This is mostly so raiders have somewhere to start when seeking advice.

SO I am looking for: Skilled players of all classes and specs who are willing to be class sages, you should:
- have an in-depth knowledge about your class
- have extensive raid experience as well as respectable heroic progression in the current raid tier
- know how to use logs and damage meter add-ons to break down a players performance and correct mistakes
- be friendly towards players of all skill levels and use positive reinforcement

I am also looking for a planning officer that can help me organize this list.
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Re: Guild class sages (experts needed)

Postby Turarts » Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:04 am

Hey there!

So I love this idea. I do have a few concerns that we can discuss later. Let me know what assistance you need on my part!

Keep the list organized and together can be fairly easy. I would maybe recommend doing a google form to keep anonymity for now. I will explain why on that later.

However, you can do this what ever way you want to! Let me know what help you will need :)

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