Silicone Products price

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Silicone Products price

Postby ae2900249cou » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:58 am

Product Introduction
Special molding silicone pipe is made of silicone rubber, it is a new kind of polymer elastic material, has excellent resistance to high temperature (250~300 ℃) and low temperature (-40~-60 ℃) performance, has the good physical stability, and can withstand repeated harsh and sterilization condition, excellent resilience and permanent deformation (200 ℃ in 48 hours not greater than 50%), breakdown voltage (20 to 25 kv/mm), ozone resistance, uv resistance. The characteristics of radiation resistance, the special shaped silicone elbow with patent application, has the oil resistance performance.
Product Parameter (specification)
Patent Application No 201407283938
Temperature Range -60~200℃
Tolerance range 0.2mm~0.4mm
Hardness 30~80A
Air pressure 0.4~0.8mpa
Size ¢1mm~¢50mm
Color Transparent (can be produced according to customer requirements)
Product features
The use of special forming a special process into arbitrary curved silicone pipe bending, able to grow through long silica gel pipe bending, unilateral can reach more than 1000 mm in length, can solve the stereoscopic 3d direction of special product can't open the plight of mold; Do machine mold can't be any shape, at the same time, we can also according to the internal structure of water dispenser, providing a complete set of solutions, reduce internal problem such as the connection of the valve, reduce the risk of leaking and lower customer production costs.
Use range
Water dispensers, coffee machines and water treatment equipment etc.
Why choose Nizing(advantage)
1)We are the professional manufacturer engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing with a history of over 20 years.
2)Our products are internationally certified, such as UL, CUL, CSA, VDE, CCC, ISO etc.
3)Good performance but lower price.
1)Do you supply samples ?
Yes, you are welcome to contact our sales for samples.
2)Who are your main markets?
Manufacturers of home appliances, lamps, water treatment equipment, etc, are our main clients.
3)What is your MOQ?
It’s 2000~3000m/2000~3000pcs for silicone products.
4)Do you take custom orders?
We accept custom orders. You can e-mail us for details.
Certificate Silicone Products price
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