China Linear Pneumatic Vibrators

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China Linear Pneumatic Vibrators

Postby ae2900249cou » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:50 am

How to work:
The BVP Pneumatic vibrators have high strength aluminum shell, corrosion resistant, with special grease, no spring and other vulnerable parts, and can be installed at any position and direction, the piston is driven by compressed air to generate regular vibration, good effect on bridging blockage, adapt to different applications. And the Vibration intensity can be adjusted based on air pressure, can immediately start, fast low noise, and security.
•Large power, a small amount of lubrication, quiet.
•High strength aluminum alloy hardening treatment, light weight.
•Low frequency vibration, the best effect on bridge damage
•Adjust the amplitude and frequency of vibration
Where to work:
•To solve the tank material attachment, auxiliary material flowing
•Can be used for vibration screening and horizontal conveying equipment
Parameters:China Linear Pneumatic Vibrators
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