Road Shot Blasting Machine factory

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Road Shot Blasting Machine factory

Postby hzr414l » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:22 pm

Qingdao Panbor Shot Blasting Machine Co., a world-known manufacture for shot blasting machines ,with knowledge and experience near 20 years, we produce a large range of shot blasting equipment. also tailor-made for diverse requests.
Supreme Quality, Customers’ Satisfaction,
we have our own Research&Development department,18 engineers, 25 staffs for after-sales service. 85 employees for production.
We exported to more than 30countries,with good quality and competitive price.
We warmly welcome you visit our factory,to cooperate in the near future.

2000- Qingdao Panbor Shot Blasting Machine Co.,Ltd Esablished.started to research and develp Road shot blasting machine.
2002-Road shot blasting machine successful.customers like the quality very much.
2005-Started to research and develop thought type/Hook Type/Cylinder Type shot blasting machine.
2008-We can produce almost all Type shot blasting machines,and start to produce.very busy order in workplant.
2010-Started to export to Canada,Japan,Korea,Australia,Nigeria,Russia,Pakistan,Ukrain,Kenya,Thailand,IIndonesia.
2017-Customers asked to be our Agent in their country.

Road Shot Blasting Machine factory
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