Call to Arms: Welcome Committee

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Call to Arms: Welcome Committee

Postby Jules » Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:44 am

Attention, CtR guildies! Are you interested in becoming an officer for the guild, but haven't had a lot of experience yet? Keep reading!

Announcing a new department for the guild… and we need your help!

The Welcome Committee is now being formed for guild members who want to lend a hand in inviting members and their alts to the guild.

Responsibilities include:

-Being available to respond to requests for invites at a minimum of 5 hours per week (more availability is a plus!)
-Offering support and monitoring the channel “ctrlfo” for new members looking for invites and current members looking to add their alts to the guild.
-Assisting with guild member moves to place all members of a raid team into the same guild.
-Following guild procedures in maintaining our application database and being consistent in entering proper notes in the database.

This position is an officer-in-training role. Any Welcome Committee member presented with issues related to discipline or guild policy violations will be expected to get support from an officer of the guild. This allows us to teach you the ropes without being expected to swing on them right away. :)

If selected as a Welcome Committee member, you will be expected to have an alt in every CtR sub-guild at level 15 or higher. (Don't worry if you don't have this right now - it's not a pre-requisite for applying!) Each alt will be given invite ability to the guilds.

This department will be led by Jules, with the support of the Iron Council (Zhug, Dairies, and Solar). Applicants will be considered based on their availability and any previous leadership experience, so please make sure to note that in your application.

Interested in applying for this really important role? Send an e-mail to, with the subject line “Welcome Committee”.

This is a great chance to get started as an officer in CtR! Looking forward to hearing from you.
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