New DK, Scourgestone Not Working

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New DK, Scourgestone Not Working

Postby aaronpawlak » Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:04 am


Started a new DK last night. Almost immediately noticed that the Scourge stone when activated, does not take you anywhere.
The in-game message it gives when activated is, that until you escape the Lich King's grip you cannot leave. The other DKs I've made haven't had this problem.
Probably the simplest thing would be to destroy the Scourge stone and get another... But I've been checking places like Wowhead and Wowwiki, and I can't find out anyplace to obtain a new one.
Is there a way to correct this issue, or to just get a new Scourge stone?

Please help.

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