<From the Ashes> LFM for Heroic [Sun/Mon 7:00-10PM PST]

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<From the Ashes> LFM for Heroic [Sun/Mon 7:00-10PM PST]

Postby briguy85 » Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:23 pm

<From the Ashes>
"From the ashes of something great, arose something extraordinary"

Convert to Raid Mobus
A heroic progression raid team.

    Friday, Sunday and Mondays 7:00p – 10:00p server (PST)
    Fridays - Once team gets into Heroic Fridays remain normal and become casual alt/recruiting night. Sunday/Monday core heroic run.

We are recruiting; At this time we are recruiting healers (Pally, Shaman, Monk) we will consider recruiting dps by class, spec and gear.

    6/7 Normal Highmaul
    6/7 Heroic Highmaul
    9/10 Normal Blackrock Foundry
    8/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry
    12/13 Normal Hellfire Citadel

Tanks - 3

    Unholygrahr – Dk (Raid Lead)
    Amadour - Paladin
    Kruns - Druid (Raid Assist)

DPS Ranged - 11
    Myrlidalin - Hunter
    Pegzuun - Hunter
    Pingeastwood - Hunter
    Pep- Hunter
    Stynn - Warlock
    Demonicrick - Warlock
    Nalthazim - Warlock
    Mahõtsukai - Mage
    Krosy - Mage
    Meachmelou - shaman
    Laminated - Priest

DPS Melee - 6
    Kasashi – Rogue
    Justdefied - Rogue
    Lélo - Rogue (alt 0233)
    Zeri – Paladin
    Alphablight - DK
    Karnage - Warrior

Healers - 3
    Kickaxe – Shaman
    Bumblejinks - Priest
    Jasinne – Druid (Loot Master)

    -DBM (gives boss warnings and timers)
    -GTFO (to tell you to move out of the fire)
    -oRA3 (to check iLvl, enchants and gems and durability)
    -Angry Assignments (to send assignments to your screen)
    -Skada or Recount (helpful in checking what killed you after a wipe)
    -It is strongly suggested a player use additional addons to enhance their playing ability such as (Weak Auras, Healbot, A unit frame, Addon to enhance button arrangement, as well as class specific awareness cool down addons.

    - Attendance- We understand things come up and you may not be able to attend raid. However attendance is mandatory. If you know you will be missing raid ahead of time, notifying the raid leader within 48hrs. A player that has not been excused from an absence and has not attended both Sunday and Mondays raid they will not be eligible for loot the following weekend. A player is allowed one unexcused absence per month without loot penalty. Please refer to loot policy for more information. A raider that has missed more then 3 raid days per month will be talked to privately by the raid leader. A player that consistently misses and has already been talked to may be removed from the team.

    - Optimization- We require you to be 100% optimized BEFORE stepping foot into the instance. This means repairs, enchants, gems, flasks and pots. Players are allowed to join the team guild, the raid leader has set up a guild bank where matts are provided by the team. Raid members may help one another with enchants and crafting, this is to be done on off raid times. If you get a piece of gear, please wait until break time to ask/go get enchants, gems, etc. All raiders must flask every fight. Learning bosses we will feast, once we reach 30% threshold raiders are to eat the largest stat food available in game of their top stat. They are also expected to pre pot and pot during the encounter.

    -Spec- A player may be asked to change spec to benefit the raid, although this rarely happens and we want players to play what they enjoy. Players are however required to provide their off spec and keep it up to date. Off spec loot will be given to players based on their assigned off specs. This will benefit the team when a healer or tank is unable to attend.

    - Performance- This is a heroic progression team. It is expected that you, as a player, know the encounters prior to attempting. Learn through LFR, Normal raid as well as videos, blogs and websites. Brief description of fights will be given on progression fights. Raid assignments will be given and modified each pull to improve success. When running back after a wipe is called open discussion is encouraged to improve teams success. At times the raid leader will remain dead to review in game logs to trouble shoot. A player is expected to learn from their mistakes in a timely manor, learning curve is expected and different for each player. If a player is struggling and holding back the team they will be talked to in private by the raid leader. Players are encouraged to continuously research their toon and improve on a weekly basis. We expect the team to do 110% each and every day we raid.

    - LOOT- Loot will be distributed by a Master Looter MS/OS system. In order to be eligible you need to link your current piece of gear you may only win 1 piece of gear per raid day. This allows gear to be evenly spread throughout the team and providing the largest upgrades for players. Main spec roll one is for anyone that has not received gear for the night. Main spec roll two is for players that have received gear and still need that piece for their main spec. Offspec roll goes to players that the gear does not apply to their rosters main spec. Some raid members maintain two specs for the team. If you link gear and the item lvl is equal to another player both players /roll. If you are linking for tier gear two set and four set bonus rolls take priority.

    Attendance rule- A player must attend both Sunday and Monday in order to be eligible for loot for next weeks raids. A player is allowed 1 unexcused absence per month. Excused absences are those that have notified the team and or raid leader 48 hrs in advance. Any un-notified absence is unexcused.


    Communication- is the key to success in any raiding environment. In order to succeed at this, there have been a couple methods of communication put in place. First, we have our own in-game chat channel. We utilize the smartphone app, GroupMe to gain access to this, please contact Unholygrahr. Though this app is not required, it is highly suggested. A lot of conversation takes place out of game, and it allows you to become better acquainted with your fellow raid team members.

    - Mumble- During an encounter mumble needs to be clean so we can do call outs. During trash and fights we have on "farm" we can lightly socialize. If during a social trash pull or boss things go south we ask mumble to be quiet so we can make corrections quickly. During Loot we also ask Mumble to be quiet so loot can be distributed in a timely manor, loot is called out for those focusing on downing trash to ensure they do not miss an opportunity.

    -Player Conflict- Player conflicts will be handled in a timely manor. Players will be talked to privately as well as together by the raid leader in order to resolve any issues. Player maybe removed from the team if any conflicts are recurring with that player. Players need to follow CtR policy as well as team policy. If conflict is not resolved an officer from CtR may be involved.

    Interested in joining us? Please PM or in game mail Unholygrahr - Skeletor#1249. Also can apply at http://guild.converttoraid.com/teams/from+the+ashes. After approved players will be on trail basis. Fridays raid trail raiders will attend normal raid with whole team. Loot is not reserved and fights will be explained if needed. Players ability will be evaluated by the Raid leader and Raid assist. If the player has item lvl and ability to do Heroic and progression they will be invited to attend Sun/Mon. If the trail player is not ready for progression fights they will be asked to attend Fridays until they are geared and experienced enough.

    Any questions about raid rules, boss encounters, up to date roster and recruiting needs, as well as any player conflict please whisper Unholygrahr in game or in game mail.
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Re: <From the Ashes> Heroic 20-30m [Sun/Mon 730-1030PM PST]

Postby Bumblejinx » Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:18 am

Working our way through the BRF bosses. We should be on our A Game come next raid night because Deacon got his new raiding hat. ;)
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Re: <From the Ashes> Heroic 20-30m [Sun/Mon 730-1030PM PST]

Postby briguy85 » Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:43 pm

Looking for strong ranged dps still. Please feel free to contact Unholygrahr in game at Skeletor#1249 or in game mail :).
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Re: <From the Ashes> Heroic BRF [Sun/Mon 7-9:30PM PST]

Postby briguy85 » Sat Mar 21, 2015 1:24 am

Looking for 2m Ranged dps and 1m strong melee dps for finish the team out. We are a fun group we're not hardcore but we expect people to know how to play and to do their very best. We are willing to help new players raid as well. You can contact Unholygrahr in game through whisper or in game mail, or Crickettfist through whisper or mail as well. Both our battle.net's are posted.
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Re: <From the Ashes> Heroic BRF [Sun/Mon 7-9:30PM PST]

Postby Ozfin » Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:08 pm

Hi all i'm looking to raid on my ret. I raid with war front on my rogue and rolling thunder with my feral but on different days so i'd love trial with you.
I'll hit you up in game, Btag is Ozfin#6545.
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Re: <From the Ashes> Heroic BRF [Sun/Mon 7-9:30PM PST]

Postby nmw665 » Fri Mar 27, 2015 1:05 pm

Looking great Ashes! Looking forward to the new strats discussed for BRF Heroic this coming weekend before our Easter break. We'll practice them on our Friday Fun Run tonight! See ya there!
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Re: <From the Ashes> Heroic BRF [Sun/Mon 7-9:30PM PST]

Postby briguy85 » Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:31 pm

We're still looking for a healer, our team has been growing and we recently had a good healer go melee dps to continue the love of the game. Would love to get a Monk or a Holy Priest. Another druid or shaman would work as well. We also have a spot open for another strong dps a ranged or a melee. Dps prefrences are Warrior, DK or Shadow Priest, Lock, Boomkin. Please feel free to pst Unholygrahr in game or add me Skeletor#1249.
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Looking for more dps and 1m healer

Postby briguy85 » Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:39 am

Hello we are strong team looking for one more healer preferably a Monk or Holy Priest also recruiting four more strong dps. We are currently 6/10 Heroic BRF and are averaging a new boss kill a week. We have fun together we have great communication and we evenly distribute our loot. This team has been around since before Warlords and will continue into next expansion having fun and killing bosses. Please feel free to contact my in-game at Unholygrahr or Skeletor#1249.
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Re: <From the Ashes> Heroic BRF [Sun/Mon 7-9:30PM PST]

Postby Caredbl84 » Tue Apr 28, 2015 8:04 pm

I am interested in healing for u guys. Caredbl#1130 toon: Arcángelx 663 disc priest. Comng back from 3 month break. Can get geared up quickly.


Having fun healing in WoD!
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