<Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM PST/Server]

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<Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM PST/Server]

Postby Aldineri » Mon Nov 10, 2014 2:22 pm



NOTE: The following description, roster, and information are being currently revised due to the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Our team is expanding, and the details of our rules and roster will change.

What We Are:

A mid-casual progression raid team on Aerie Peak-US composed of CTR Ordos toons. We formed in January of 2014 and started raiding older content together before we started slamming down new content. In Warlords of Draenor, we've combined with Unit 91, another raid team in the Convert to Raid guild.

What Our Name Means:

Humpday is a slang term for Wednesday because it is the middle (and thus the hump, like on a camel's back) of the week. We are aptly named because our original standard raiding day was Wednesday evening. And, of course, we're heroes because we will be trouncing the raid bosses of Azeroth.

We've since added Monday evening to our schedule, so we run both Wednesday and Monday from 6-9PM PST (server time).

What We Plan To Do:


Our long term goal in the Mists of Pandaria expansion was to defeat Garrosh Hellscream on normal mode difficulty. We succeeded and even put him on farm.

In Warlords of Draenor, our long-term goals will be to conquer Heroic mode raiding content and enter the Mythic difficulty. We look forward to challenging ourselves by completing the hardest content that Blizzard provides in a raiding environment.

This means that our short term goals are to complete Highmaul on normal & heroic modes and to recruit 20 members to enter Mythic raiding. So, you're interested, let me know either in-game, by private message, or as a reply to this post.

Who Gets the Loot:

We are currently running Perosnal Loot until we are geared up a bit more. Then, we will mostl likely switch to our Loot Council system and funnel pieces of gear to people who need them.

How Can I See What You Are Doing:

You can visit our raiding logs by visiting the link posted HERE.

Are you on the team and would like to leave feedback to the raid leader? Use our DROPBOX.

What Are Our Requirements of Team Members:

    Punctuality - As we only raid 3-6 hours every week, we need our members to be ready so that we can get through content. This means being at the raid instance at or before the time we begin. We will start promptly at 8pm central time zone (6pm server time). We will have a small break in the middle of the raid and other shorter breaks as needed, but these are for you and not for your character's lack of readiness.
    WoD Raid Knowledge - Please be aware of your role in the raid encounters. We will discuss strategies before we pull the boss, but you won't understand what we're saying unless you understand the very basic mechanics. Basically, this amounts to reading strategies online or watching a video of the encounter.
    Professions at WoD level - As we will be a long-term mid-casual raiding team, professions will be important. Not only do they give each individual an easy access to gear optimization, but we will be sharing crafted items between each other. Please have two primary professions at WoD level. You should be able to assist the raid team in some form with your professions. These are easier to accomplish in WoD due to Garrisons.
    Full Preparation - Please have everything ready for your character before raid night begins This means that you should have your potions, flasks, gems, and enchants. As we acquire new loot as a team, we will do our best to get new items to you. That's why we max our professions. :D
    Mumble Access - All raid team members will be required to use the CTR Mumble server during raid times. Not only will this help with out current raid, but it will promote the community feeling we are shooting for. Note that you do not have to speak if you choose not to. But you must be able to hear us.
    Community/Teamwork/Respect - The CTR motto is so important to our raid team's survival that it needs mentioning. We are to be a mid-casual progression raid team. This means we don't need to be disrespectful to one another in any way. It also means that we need to be mature and ready to listen to one another. WoW is meant to be fun, and we want to make sure that we have that fun (but not at the expense of others).

Team Roster:
<Humpday Heroes>
CTR - Ordos

RDPS: Saretha - Mage (Scarlet Crusade server)(CTR toon is Lilbigdeeps in CTR Omen)

Temporarily Benched:
RDPS: Simbas - Druid (CTR Kazzak)
Heals: Súndara - Monk
MDPS: Kobaiyashi - Monk (CTR Sha)

Roster last updated: 9 July 2015
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Re: <Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM CST]

Postby Aldineri » Mon Nov 10, 2014 2:25 pm

Raid team progression:

Warlords of Draenor

Hellfire Citadel (Normal) (13/13)
Hellfire Assault: √ (Defeated 06/24/2015)
Iron Reaver: √ (Defeated 06/24/2015)
Kormrok: √ (Defeated 06/24/2015)
Hellfire High Council: √ (Defeated 06/24/2015)
Kilrogg Deadeye: √ (Defeated 06/29/2015)
Gorefiend: √ (Defeated 07/06/2015)
Shadow-Lord Iskar: √ (Defeated 07/13/2015)
Socrethar the Eternal: √ (Defeated 07/13/2015)
Tyrant Velhari: √ (Defeated 08/17/2015)
Fel Lord Zakuun: √ (Defeated 07/27/2015)
Xhul'horac: √ (Defeated 08/10/2015)
Mannoroth: √ (Defeated 08/31/2015)
Archimonde: √ (Defeated 10/12/2015)

Hellfire Citadel (Heroic) (13/13)
Hellfire Assault: √ (Defeated 09/2/2015)
Iron Reaver: √ (Defeated 09/21/2015)
Kormrok: √ (Defeated 09/29/2015)
Hellfire High Council: √ (Defeated 09/29/2015)
Kilrogg Deadeye: √ (Defeated 09/29/2015)
Gorefiend: √ (Defeated 09/29/2015)
Shadow-Lord Iskar: √ (Defeated 10/12/2015)
Socrethar the Eternal: √ (Defeated 12/16/2015)
Tyrant Velhari: √ (Defeated 12/16/2015)
Fel Lord Zakuun: √ (Defeated 11/09/2015)
Xhul'horac: √ (Defeated 12/07/2015)
Mannoroth: √ (Defeated 12/21/2015)
Archimonde: √ (Defeated 1/6/2015)

Blackrock Foundry (Normal) (10/10)
Gruul: √ (Defeated 02/04/2015)
Oregorger: √ (Defeated 02/23/2015)
Blast Furnace: √ (Defeated 04/06/2015)
Hans'gar & Franzok: √ (Defeated 02/09/2015)
Flamebender Ka'graz: √ (Defeated 02/09/2015)
Kromog: √ (Defeated 03/09/2015)
Beastlord Darmac: √ (Defeated 02/11/2015)
Operator Thogar: √ (Defeated 02/23/2015)
Iron Maidens: √ (Defeated 03/09/2015)
Blackhand: √ (Defeated 05/20/2015)

Blackrock Foundry (Heroic) (8/10)
Gruul: √ (Defeated 03/30/2015)
Oregorger: √ (Defeated 06/01/2015)
Blast Furnace: X
Hans'gar & Franzok: √ (Defeated 03/25/2015)
Flamebender Ka'graz: √ (Defeated 05/20/2015)
Kromog: √ (Defeated 05/20/2015)
Beastlord Darmac: √ (Defeated 03/30/2015)
Operator Thogar: √ (Defeated 06/03/2015)
Iron Maidens: √ (Defeated 06/08/2015)
Blackhand: X

Highmaul (Normal) (7/7)
Kargath Bladefist: √ (Defeated 12/03/2014)
The Butcher: √ (Defeated 12/03/2014)
Tectus: √ (Defeated 12/22/2014)
Brackenspore: √ (Defeated 01/12/2015)
Twin Ogron: √ (Defeated 12/15/2014)
Ko'ragh: √ (Defeated 01/12/2015)
Imperator Mar'gok: √ (Defeated 02/02/2015)

Highmaul (Heroic) (5/7)
Kargath Bladefist: √ (Defeated 01/07/2015)
The Butcher: √ (Defeated 01/14/2015)
Tectus: X
Brackenspore: X
Twin Ogron: √ (Defeated 02/02/2015)
Ko'ragh: √ (Defeated 05/25/2015)
Imperator Mar'gok: √ (Defeated 06/01/2015)

Mists of Pandaria
Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6
The Stone Guard: √ (Defeated 01/08/2014)
Feng the Accursed: √ (Defeated 01/08/2014)
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder: √ (Defeated 01/08/2014)
Spirit Kings: √ (Defeated 01/08/2014)
Elegon: √ (Defeated 01/08/2014)
Will of the Emperor: √ (Defeated 01/08/2014)

Heart of Fear: 6/6
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok: √ (Defeated 01/08/2014)
Blade Lord Ta'yak: √ (Defeated 01/08/2014)
Garalon: √ (Defeated 05/05/2014)
Windlord Mel'jarak: √ (Defeated 05/05/2014)
Amber Shaper Un'Sok: √ (Defeated 05/05/2014)
Grand Empress Shek'zeer: √ (Defeated 05/05/2014)

Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4
Protectors of the Endless : √ (Defeated 01/08/2014)
Tsulong: √ (Defeated 01/08/2014)
Lei Shi: √ (Defeated 01/15/2014)
Sha of Fear: √ (Defeated 01/15/2014)

Throne of Thunder: 08/12
Jin'rokh the Breaker: √ (Defeated 01/15/2014)
Horridon: √ (Defeated 01/15/2014)
Council of Elders: √ (Defeated 01/15/2014)
Tortos: √ (Defeated 01/15/2014)
Megaera: √ (Defeated 01/15/2014)
Ji-Kun: √ (Defeated 01/15/2014)
Durumu the Forgotten:√ (Defeated 01/15/2014)
Primordius: √ (Defeated 01/22/2014)
Dark Animus:x
Iron Qon: x
Twin Consorts: x
Lei Shen: x

Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14
Immerseus: √ (Defeated 02/19/2014)
The Fallen Protectors: √ (Defeated 02/19/2014)
Norushen: √ (Defeated 02/19/2014)
Sha of Pride: √ (Defeated 02/19/2014)
Galakras: √ (Defeated 02/26/2014)
Iron Juggernaut √ (Defeated 03/05/2014)
Kor'kron Dark Shaman √ (Defeated 03/17/2014)
General Nazgrim √ (Defeated 03/17/2014)
Malkorok √ (Defeated 03/17/2014)
Spoils of Pandaria √ (Defeated 03/17/2014)
Thok the Bloodthirsty √ (Defeated 03/21/2014)
Siegecrafter Blackfuse √ (Defeated 03/21/2014)
Paragons of the Klaxxi √ (Defeated 03/21/2014)
Garrosh Hellscream √ (Defeated 06/02/2014)

Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic (Now Mythic): 14/14
Immerseus: √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
The Fallen Protectors: √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
Norushen: √ (Defeated 06/18/2014)
Sha of Pride: √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
Galakras: √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
Iron Juggernaut √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
Kor'kron Dark Shaman √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
General Nazgrim √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
Malkorok √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
Spoils of Pandaria √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
Thok the Bloodthirsty √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
Siegecrafter Blackfuse √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
Paragons of the Klaxxi √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)
Garrosh Hellscream √ (Defeated 01/14/2016)

Raid Team Professions









Humpday Heroes Hall of Fame

These are past members of the Heroes who have sadly left to move on to greater things.

Asimi (Resto Shaman)
Azerial (Feral Druid)
Chriks (Shaman)
Emerico (Paladin)
Fiftytyson (Hunter)
Laidra (Survival Hunter)
Lobaonegro (Blood DK)
Maggotbeast (Warlock)
Sharp (Monk)
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Re: <Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM PST/Server]

Postby Emerico » Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:32 pm

Aldineri and Team,

I am looking to make my official return to World of Warcraft... If you would have me I would like to rejoin the Humpday Heroes. I would be happy to assume any role that you are willing to take me as. I have a Warrior (DPS), Paladin (Holy/DPS), Druid (Resto), or Priest (Disc). Let me know your thoughts!

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Re: <Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM PST/Server]

Postby Aldineri » Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:29 pm

Thanks to the team members who moved into CTR Ordos with us. We have just a couple left. :D
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Re: <Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM PST/Server]

Postby Aldineri » Tue Dec 02, 2014 2:46 pm

An update for all HDH members and prospective members:

As we reapply to become eligible for raider ranks, I'm going to take this time to keep us all informed of some changes.

First and foremost is the co-guild business. CTR has a policy based on WoW's own policies about how many members need to be in the same coguild to share achievements, gold, etc. As such, it is my job to enforce these rules amongst us all. Therefore, I'm going to be a little more strict on ensuring we are all in the same coguild.

We are in CTR Ordos. Starting on Monday, December 8, all current members MUST be in CTR Ordos. I have made one exception due to very unusual circumstances, but everyone else must follow suit.

Second, any member (new or old) who switches co-guilds (this can be either into or out of CTR Ordos) MUST inform me of the move so I can update the roster. We don't need any surprises about this, especially since the raider rank of every other raider is at stake if roster information is not accurate!

Second, loot. EDITED: We are using the personal loot options for the time being.

Third, roster. In addition to the co-guild talks above, I'll be closely monitoring what our core roster is. This is for two reasons. One, to maintain raider ranks. And two, to know what we have and what we need for recruitment. ANY MEMBER WHO DOES NOT HAVE A MINIMUM ITEM LEVEL OF 615, NOR SHOWS UP FOR OUR FIRST RAID ON WEDNESDAY...WILL BE BENCHED. You will be benched until you are raiding with us again.

I understand that this is a difficult time for a lot of people with jobs in retail. I'm not kicking you to the curb or anything. I'm just saying that we need to keep our list of current raiders up to date, and there is no better way than to see who shows up.

Finally progression. We will be starting in Normal mode difficulty. This will help us learn mechanics and gear up. Remember that our main goal is to defeat all encounters on Heroic mode, and our ultimate goal is to smack a couple of bosses around on Mythic. There's no better way for us to get there than to learn these boss abilities and team tactics on an easier difficulty, such as normal mode. Be prepared to listen and participate as we devise the right strategy for our team and kill some ogres and orcs.

On December 3 - edited the loot section to add some clarifications.
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Re: <Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM PST/Server]

Postby Aldineri » Thu Dec 04, 2014 11:36 am

Edited my above post to edit the loot section yet again. Looks like we are sticking with personal loot at the moment.
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Re: <Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM PST/Server]

Postby Aldineri » Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:15 pm

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Re: <Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM PST/Server]

Postby Aldineri » Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:08 am

Another one bites the dust! Now on to Ko'ragh!
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Re: <Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM PST/Server]

Postby Recenna » Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:09 pm

Hey, it is recenna, you posted on my LF Team page a few days ago, sorry i couldnt get back to you sooner but i was busy. I would love to hop in a raid with you guys sometime to get the feel of it, just let me know when, but i updated my Ilvl on my LF page if you want to check it out. Looking forward to hearing from you again, thanks.
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Re: <Humpday Heroes>[M/W 6-9PM PST/Server]

Postby Aldineri » Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:28 am

I wasn't aware of a post here, Recenna! I sent you a private message. Hopefully, we can get together in the near future.
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