Looking to run with a group (alliance

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Looking to run with a group (alliance

Postby Doomedknight » Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:35 pm

hello all, Doomed here

ive recently come across a shortage of friends and no guild on my servers (arathor/shu'halo) i have 7 toons at 110 that i am slowly gearing up. im looking for a good group to do mythics and normals/heroic raids with. my highest is a holy priest at 854 (i believe) i have 3 other healers and some dps (frost DK,Mage etc) and 2 tanks (prot warrior and Druid which is also a healer) right now i cannot server transfer but if i could join a discord and get some battletags maybe i can be beneficial to your group


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