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World of Tanks

Postby Scoobydoome » Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:51 am

Listening to the last couple of podcasts, I heard Pat say they had a new sponsor, World of Tanks. I was quite happy, as I've been playing the game since summer 2011, after hearing about Hafrot from the Rawrcast talk about it a lot. It is a fun game, it is free (best word in the English language) and with settings adjusted properly, it can still run on lower end systems fairly well. I found this game fascinating, as way back in the day when I did my time in the US Army, that was my MOS, an armored crewman. I figured I ran 52 tons of steel across open the open desert, why not give the virtual kind a try?

If any of y'all in the CTR community want to give it a try, friend me in the game. My name in that game is Gorione. I have tanks from tier 2 to tier 8 in my garage, so wherever you're at in the game, I'll be able to join you.

A couple of tips, though, I've learned playing the game which I also learned previously doing it in the real world:

1. Turn your front to the primary threat axis (i.e., turn your front to the enemy).

The thickest armor is on the front of the vehicle, don't attempt to slug it out with your turret slung over the side or worse, the rear deck. Side armor is usually much thinner and the rear armor is the weakest. Conversely, always try to get shots on those sections of your target.

2. Movement is life. Or in other words, a stationary tank is a dead tank.

This was ingrained in us from the first day of basic training. A moving target is also a harder target to hit, especially if you zig-zag randomly. Don't make it easy on your attacker to kill you, use maneuver to close to your enemy and shoot him in the lips. :)

3. Don't be a team killer.

In this game, it is quite possible (as it is in real life) to damage or even kill your teammates with your gun. Be very careful you've identified your target as an enemy and be aware of who is around you, as people in this game love to occlude your target reticle (or so it seems most times). And if you happen to accidently shoot a teammate, apologize immediately in chat. I've found when I've done that and say "Oh shoot! Sorry <insert random player name here>! That was an accident, I'm a dumbass!". I usually get a response back saying "It's cool, it happens."

This game is a ton of fun, I highly recommend it. I mean, it's free, so if you are unable to renew your sub in WoW (like I am currently), it is a fun diversion from WoW. If I think of any more tips, I'll post them here as I think of them, but those are the main ones that came to my mind currently.

Scoobydoome, soon to be Batmon, a troll druid when I can get into the new iToons guild on the server they're going to be using.
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Re: World of Tanks

Postby Zato » Mon Jun 02, 2014 4:32 pm

I've been playing WoT since it was in beta, I'm a huge fan. My favorite aspect of it is that you can jump into a random battle and be done in like 10mins or less. Often you'll want to jump in another, but if you only have 15 mins to kill this is perfect.

I go by "Fodder" in game, though I haven't played much lately.

One thing to add on facing the enemy - in most cases you don't actually want to square off directly at the enemy, but at an angle, unless your tank already has angled armor in the front.
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Re: World of Tanks

Postby Scoobydoome » Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:06 pm

True enough. Since modern armor has angle front plate, I'm confusing real world experience with playing these different historical vehicles in the game. :) The M60A3 my unit had and from seeing M1 Abrams tanks up close and personal, the frontal plate on those vehicles are highly angled.

Just as an aside, I remember getting farmed out to the training unit at Ft. Knox to sit in the tank commander's hatch as the training M1's were driven out to a training area. I must say, with the suspension on the M1, it was a smoother ride than you would experience in a Cadillac. Ah, the memories. :)
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Re: World of Tanks

Postby kunta12 » Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:19 am

it was a smoother ride than you would experience in a Cadillac. Ah, the memories. :)
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Re: World of Tanks

Postby clubZa » Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:48 pm

ce sujet qui me parle pas mal. Les tests de matos iront là dedans à priori. Revendre, non, d'ailleurs les annonces ça sera interdit, trop de problèmes potentiels. Tablettes ouais, on peut caler ça dans Constructeurs, jvais voir. Tutos bonne idée, dans "OS" non ? Android, etc, les tutos c'est relatif aux systèmes.

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Re: World of Tanks

Postby Arish » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:43 am

I am a fan of this game.
Have a friend invite to play.
Have fun shooting tanks.

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