Need ideas, please

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Re: Need ideas, please

Postby Leonidas » Tue Feb 26, 2013 1:46 pm

I completely agree with your premise Recoped, education is the key to growing the economy and helping your fellow man. I however disagree that churches are the one to be given that kind of power (even though technically they already do, I even went to a catholic elementary school), in fact they shouldn’t even be considered, not because they are bad or unable to help but for the very simple reasoning of pushing believe over science. Education, should be taught on what is known(facts) not what it is I believe cause belief should be sought out on each individual basis because that’s what beliefs are all about, one’s internal journey and choice!

The main reason why in the USA we have a separation of church and state because you should have the freedom to choose what you want to believe (as long as it doesn’t harm others and their rights) but let’s face it facts are facts and that should be global. An example of believes stepping on the toes of science would be like “climate change.” A church teaching it could be put into a difficult situation based on their believe saying that this is all a part of God’s plan and man cannot do such things, denying the overwhelming science and facts about it, who looses? who becomes dumber? Having been taught in a religious institution (and public one too) both of which can be great places for education (and I did for both) but I have a big problem with religious institutions because when facts that come up that are in direct conflict of a religious belief, that churches generally choose the belief over facts and we all becomes less advanced and less educated as a result. So again, I agree with you education is the key but how we get there I’d take a different approach. :)
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Re: Need ideas, please

Postby Tahire » Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:42 am

All the major religions, at the core (and leaving aside fanatics, etc) have the same set of principals. It would be great if there was an awareness of how much more similar than different we all are.
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Re: Need ideas, please

Postby pudkud » Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:08 am

Lawn care service for people who physically unable to do it themselves (old, disabled) and do not have the funds to pay for the service due to fixed income. Happens a lot. Just keeping neighborhoods maintained helps a lot, is local and very easy to put together. It is not "social justice" but I feel it is a great benefit to the communities that surround them.
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Re: Need ideas, please

Postby Mrs Petunya » Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:22 am

Love those ideas. :) Definitely going to try to incorporate them into what we're doing. I kinda got thrown into a social justice situation that I'm dealing with right now, and it involves OSHA. Be careful of what you ask for, you might get it lol!
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Re: Need ideas, please

Postby Jambres » Wed May 28, 2014 9:26 am

In our church we have developed a network to help our local three cities. The network had paired with Corporations, local governments, municipalities, churches and schools to reach out to the community we live in. We feed an average of 300 families a month, have developed a community garden to grow fresh food for the network, we also provide work related clinics (resume writing, interview preparation etc etc) and offer job fairs every three months. The network works with the Red Cross in disaster support and outreach as well as providing clothing, free tutoring and school supplies for those in need. But beyond providing the food and such the network organizes something we call CPR or Community Powered Revitalization. The local governments develop a list for us of homes or people with homes that need serious help, everything from painting to roofing to landscape work and simply cleaning the home, and then we have volunteers (about 3500) who go out and handle all the work that needed to be done. It is amazing to see major corporations jump in and provide the materials, the Government provide any support and the local churches and schools showing up and providing the muscle and sweat needed to accomplish the task, and not one penny is asked for.
It is amazing to see the network come together, to see my catholic and protestant friends working hand in hand to accomplish the task at hand and be a blessing to the recipients. Recently we have had a local mosque get involved as well and they are now part of the network as well, point is, the task at hand is to care for our community and this network was developed to do just that, regardless of your affiliation or belief. That seems to be our calling, yes we send out missions and such but locally it's about caring and compassion for the people in our communities, but let me tell you how it all started.
It started with a fire, and the people did not have anything left. there was no help long term for them, the Red Cross could only help short term, the local government did not really have anything in Action to help and 6 families were left destitute due to the small apartment fire. While we were sending missions overseas it struck our leaders that we have a need right here right now, and so the church developed an team to help rebuild these peoples lives. Long story short, they developed this outreach into a multi church network to help smaller churches in the area do the same. When corporations found out they wanted to get involved and the local cities and county governments joined in as well.

It stared with 35 guys showing up to rebuild a small apartment complex - then a realization that our local community needs help beyond that and it grew and grew and has continued to grow. sorry this was so long winded but for us our calling is in our local communities.
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