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Forum Guidelines!

Postby PatKrane » Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:02 am

The Short Guidelines:

We're all here to get information and have fun. Please remember that this is a community of gamers from diverse backgrounds, with varying ages and different tolerances to BS. Use your social skills and THINK before posting something that may be controversial. No personal attacks, keep it PG-13, make sure the images you use aren't in bad taste or annoying, no flaming, and we should all be cool. If you see someone being uncool, let us know.

We don't like banning people. But if you're not capable of communicating properly, we won't shed a tear when the ban-hammer lands on you.

The Longer Guidelines:


1. No Personal Attacks.
If you disagree with a poster's position on a subject, it's fine to disagree with them and state why. Snide and passive-aggressive comments are tiring. Acting like a dork toward others just to be a dork is out. RESPECT.

2. No Excessive Swearing and Cursing
Everyone can appreciate the occasional swear word used sparingly to add attention to a sentence, but there is such a thing as common courtesy. Keep it PG-13 or you'll be asked to get yourself and dictionary and thesaurus to learn some new words so you can communicate like an adult.

3. We have a Debate forum - use it.
No strife causing discussions or topics regarding Religion or Politics except in the debate forum. And just because it is a Debate forum doesn't mean that Rules #1 and Rules #2 don't still apply.

4. No Fueling Fires
Along the lines of #3, trolling in a thread to start trouble, or adding fuel to a fire already going on, is going to get you quickly banned.

5. No posting of Porn or Porn related images or links.
This is a forum for all ages. There are plenty of other places for this if it's your thing.

6. Report Posts
If you see posts violating these rules, please report it. Many times we (the mods) don't have the time to read through all the threads (or perhaps the subject line doesn't interest us). Responding to a 'questionable' thread, rather than reporting it (i.e. violating Rule #4), may get you in trouble too.

Any and all issues may be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Go against these rules and this is what most-likely will happen:
1st Transgression: A Warning
2nd Transgression: A Two Week Vacation
3rd Transgression: Permanent Ban

If you're new to the forum and decide to violate these rules right off the bat, depending on what you do, chances are we'll just permanently ban you outright. Those who have been here a while will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Keep it fun, keep it respectful, and everything will go smoothly!

Thank you for your support!
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