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Challenge Mode Group

Postby starbuxs » Sat May 24, 2014 12:37 pm

<No team name yet will put one in when I can think of a cool one>

I am looking to put together a Challenge Mode Group that is committed to getting the progressing in Challenge Modes. Right now this is a learning group so if you are an exceptional player with little to no experience with challenge modes (because you were busy being awesome in other areas of the game), this group is for you. While being an exceptional player is important attitude is more important. World of Warcraft has provided us a five man end game mode of play. Just like raiding progression happens and it can be hard work and that is cool. So a good attitude and a progression mind set are important.

What I am looking for in applicants:
This is a learning group so patience is important. We are going to wipe, if you cannot handle wiping, if you don't truly enjoy wiping over and over again while progressing then this group is not for you. Punctuality is extremely important. Don't be late. Your gear must be completely gemmed and enchanted and you must bring your own flasks (I will provide food and invisibility potions). Communication is extremely important so mumble is required. Feedback is important. If we can do something better than you need to be the kind of person who will speak up and suggest. Have some basic knowledge of each fight. Watch a video about the challenge mode we are working on (I will provide links to good ones I find). Again basic knowledge is will make things easier for the group as a whole.

What you can expect from the group:
Punctuality. My time is valuable and so is yours.
A serious/casual atmosphere: We are here to learn and enjoy the content.

I would like to build a decent size roster (more than just 5 people so that we can fill in for absence). The requirement is going to be to run twice a week for two hours at a time. but I would like to encourage more participation that that. Having a decent size group means that we can run more often so that everyone gets experience and gets to know everyone else in the group.

Nitty Gritty
Days/time: Sat, Sun 6pm-8pm pst.

What we need: Ok so this is just starting up so everything. I am a dps hunter (not to be confused with a healing hunter). So we need everything tanks/heals and dps (ranged and melee). For right now its just about recruiting people to start this up as we get going we will need to optimize the team to make sure we are maximizing the team's build.

Team Roster:
Starbuxs: hunter/ group leader (person to contact in game if you have questions or concerns)
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