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Re: [EST] [Outside the Box] [T&Th 8p-11p] 1/14 Heroic

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:15 am
by Trojes
Can we just do something fun this week, I think I will die inside if we do normal soo again this week. Let's finish the achieves in soo on flex or do Heroic Throne of Thunder? Let me know here or on GroupMe what the rest of you are thinking

Re: [EST] [Outside the Box] [T&Th 8p-11p] 1/14 Heroic

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:54 pm
by Cydius
If you guys are ever needing a fill in, or are losing people in WoD, let me know! I am 14/14 in SoO, and would love to start into heroics with you all. I am EST, so the times are great.

Re: [EST] [Outside the Box] [T&Th 8p-11p] 1/14 Heroic

PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:26 am
by Cydius
it was fun running with you guys last night; thanks for letting me tag along. I am looking foward to the next pvp night, i did my pvp spec, and set up all my bars, so it will be a bit less frustrating

Re: [EST] [Outside the Box] [T&Th 8p-11p] 1/14 Heroic

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:54 pm
by Trojes
Grats on the PvP mounts folks

Re: [EST] [Outside the Box] [T&Th 8p-11p] 2/14 Heroic

PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:46 pm
by Trojes
Get your normal clears done this week for next week - HoF, ToES & ToT so we can head in and do Heroic and earn the guild mount for Azuregos!!

Re: [EST] [Outside the Box] [T&Th 8p-11p] 2/14 Heroic

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:13 pm
by Ashreal

Re: [EST] [Outside the Box] [T&Th 8p-11p] 2/14 Heroic

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:50 am
by Graldark
The new loot system for Outside the Box raid team

Target Date to Start the new system: September 23rd

On September 23rd, the raid team members will be eligible to start accumulating points for various activities outlined below. Loot on that night and that night only will be distributed with a simple need/greed for any loot drops as in this system we need the first night to be able to accrue points before the system can be implemented. The first night to actually spend points earned would be on September 25th. In a system like this, the single largest factor in earning points is each raiders ability to be on time and stay for the duration of the raid each night of scheduled raiding.

Why do we need a new loot system instead of using the need/greed system we have been using?

The purpose of the new loot distribution system is not only to make a fair and understandable system to disseminate loot drops from raids, but also to encourage all raid members to participate in the scheduled raids for Outside The Box. The new systems aims to reward those who have blocked out the time in their busy lives to commit to the other team members to be on time and ready to raid during our regularly scheduled nights to raid each week.

How does the new system work?

The basic explanation is that there will be points awarded for various check points for each raid night given by the system administrator. Below you will find the outline of what types of activity will allow for points to be earned. When it comes time to distribute loot from a boss kill, each player that qualifies for that loot (loot that would benefit that player) may indicate their interest in the piece and the decision on who will get the piece comes down to who has accumulated the most points at that moment. Once it has been decided who the winner is, the percentage cost of those points will be deducted from the winner’s total points. This prevents the hoarding of points and allows a player to decide the value they place on bidding on items that they value the most.

So not all pieces have the same point cost? Why the difference?

There are some pieces that are more highly sought after than others in terms of gearing up. In many cases for a dps class, a weapon may be the single best upgrade to increasing their dps and there may be multiple classes that would be interested that upgrade. In order to correctly balance the points accumulate and points spending, some items have to be weighted accordingly. Also, there may be more competition for certain pieces given the changes in the way gear works in Warlords of Draenor with the flexibly/changeable stats.

How will it work with pugs if they are brought in to raid for a night?

The use of PUGS in raid teams that have a loot distribution system are always a challenge because they do not have the chance to earn points to spend on drops so it is generally handled in one of two ways. The PUG that is brought in is told in advance that any drops would first go to the established raid team members if it is an upgrade and that they could have the drop only if that were not the case. In this scenario it is extremely difficult to find quality players because often times there is not real reward for their participation in the raid. Another option teams use is to allow the PUG to have the first piece that would drop for them that would benefit them or give them an upgrade. The team would still earn points for the boss kill, but the loot would go to the PUG player with first right of refusal and would only be available to the regular raid team members after being passed on by the PUG. In this case, each PUG in the raid can select one piece of loot for the night they raid with the team, but after they receive a piece of loot, then they would no longer be eligible for loot for the duration of the night of raiding. A PUG may select a pattern in place of a gear piece if they choose to do so, but are excluded from pets that drop. A PUG may roll on the pet should they desire to do so as outlined below. This latter approach is the way PUGS will be handled for the OTB raid team.

A quick statement about PUGS and the need for them. We want to bring in players from outside our team as little as possible to eliminate the need for loot going to players outside the team. With the expanded roster and the flexible nature of the raids, we should only have to bring in someone on a rare occasion that we are missing a tank or a healer, but every effort will be given to avoid bringing in players outside the team as this produces the best results in most cases for a night of raiding.

Will everything OTB does have points attached to it?

Not necessarily. Raid team leadership reserves the right to declare a “points free” night for special situations, but this will never be used during active pursuit of progression by the team.

What events will earn points and what will the percentage cost be for pieces of loot?

1 point = accepting raid invite at 5 minutes before raid begins.
1 point = actively helping the team to down the first pull of the night
1 point = every boss killed
1 point = being in the raid at the time the raid leader calls the raid for the night

Points may be deducted if a player is late coming back from group breaks during the raid night or if it becomes clear the player is AFK during a ready check. A discreet warning will be given for the first time it happens and then a determination will be made on the deduction of points by the raid leader. The offending player may be benched for the remainder of the evening and therefore forfeiting their opportunity to earn additional points for the evening.

In the event you will be absent and notify the team leadership 48 hours in advance…

2 points = for notifying the team leadership 48 hours in advance of absence from the raid

In the event of an emergency situation where there is less than 48 hours notice or you inform team leadership of your emergency after the fact…

1 points = notifying the team leadership of a personal emergency that prevents you from making the scheduled raid

* The raid leader has 1 point that may be awarded for recognition of “above and beyond” service to the team or a particularly heroic effort that allowed the team to succeed in some key way. The raid leader may never award this point to themselves and the point may or not be given each raid night. It will be used situationally to award extraordinary efforts.

Gear Percentage Breakdown…’

25% of points = Armor pieces, shields (non tier)
50% of points = Tier Armor pieces, rings, and trinkets
75% of points = Weapons

Points that are eligible for use are based on previous raid night totals. The current raid night points will not be considered when bidding points for loot. You will know the amount of points you have at the beginning of the night of raiding is the amount you have to use as you see fit and any points not used on that night will be added to the points that you earned for that night of raiding and that total will be what you will have to utilize for the next raid night.

* Pattern drops will be a straight roll for those in the raid that can use the pattern and are expected to make use of the pattern to help benefit other raid team members.

* Pets/Toys/Mounts that drop from trash or bosses will be a straight roll and given to the person who has the highest roll.

Any piece of loot not bid on by players in the raid will then go up for offspec bidding. If the piece is for an offspec, the cost is 25% of the points earned. Main specs are considered the normal spec/role that a raider participates in the raid the majority of the time.

Items that are disenchanted will be held in the raid bank until such time as there are enough materials for an item to be crafted for a member of the raid. In order to qualify for an item, you must let the raid leadership know of your interest in such an item being crafted and what item you are looking for. Once it is determined there are enough materials for crafting an item, raid members will be notified, a roll held for interested party members and the winner will get the crafted piece as soon as it can be created.

Once items are disenchanted and no longer needed/wanted by raid team members for upgrades, than those crafted supplies will be put on the auction house and the funds used for raid team activities, challenges, or competitions as determined by the raid leadership.

BOE items will be handled in the same manner as all other loot with the stipulation that if you get the item, it must be equipped while in the raid to ensure it is being utilized for the benefit of the raid and not just going on the auction house. In the event the BOE item is not bid on for main spec or off spec, it will be held and put on the auction house where the proceeds will be split among the raid team members who raided the night the item dropped.

How will I know how many points I have and how will loot be given out?

We will be using a system admin for awarding points, tracking them, and deducting the percentage for loot bids. Those totals will be available before the raid starts and posted on one of our forums to communicate sometime the day after a night of raiding. A separate loot master will be distributing the loot as directed by the system admin.

When does the new loot system go into effect?

We are giving a one week notice for all raiders to be able to get familiar with the new system before it goes live. We currently are looking at September 23rd as the first night raiders will be eligible to earn points.

Re: [EST] [Outside the Box] [T&Th 8p-11p] 2/14 Heroic

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:27 pm
by Liet
My brain hurts now.

Re: [EST] [Outside the Box] [T&Th 8p-11p] 2/14 Heroic

PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:54 am
by Isilador
I like this, very clean, straightforward and objective. You mind if I steal this for my raid team? With some modifications of course.

Re: [EST] [Outside the Box] [T&Th 8p-11p] 2/14 Heroic

PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:59 pm
by Ashreal